2020 Starting Times

The starting times were calculated based on your estimated team's overall pace, opening/closing times for transitions, and volunteer/law enforcement shifts. In order to spread teams out more over the course, we also have gone to a 30-minute gap between starting times instead of our normal 20-minute gap.  Additionally, we are starting a maximum of 30 teams per start wave.

Teams have the option for your first runner to start with the wave start or start at any point before the next wave starts.  Example: Your team has a 6 am start time. Your runner can start at 6 am or at any point before 6:29 am.  Those teams not starting with the wave start will just need to let the on-site timing representative know when you are ready. 

Due to the complexity of staggering the teams over 62 miles, start times cannot be adjusted.  As long as teams run within 30 seconds per mile of there estimated pace, then all teams will arrive at the finish line between 1:45-6:45 pm.  We need teams to finish both early and late. 

Starting Times by Team Name 


Starting Times by Time 


Pace Calculator with Transition Opening & Closing Times - Click "Make A Copy" - Use this document to determine the time your runner will arrive at each transition. Teams with inaccurate pace predictions may be asked by the race directors to either wait at a transition area before the next runner can start or they may be forced to skip one or more legs of the course. Enter each runner's name, pace, and the team starting time. The exact time of arrival at each transition area will be calculated. If your arrival time is not within the allowed opening or closing time then the arrival time cell will change and become red. Contact V2V at info@villetovillerelay.com if your team's estimate is not within the guidelines. 

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